Spitting on Hans' tosti

"How it feels to be groped and preyed upon by your boss."

'Mister his teary eyes didn't satisfy as much as the remained crust of the spitted tosti on his plate.'

I delivered Mister a tosti every day, while he had captured me with his excessive behavior.

In a unique way Karin filleted the process in which powerful and eupeptic women change into seemingly powerless victims. A brave book in which many women will recognized themselves and potentially find inspiration to break the downward spiral.



Review quotes



Clementia Eugene. University of Aruba


"Start reading the book. Cannot put it down. Like the poetic style of writing and the concept of the theatre."



Jahir Ahmed. Media Specialist Journalist and Writer in Asia-Pacific Region


"Although, the contents were full of tears, it was well written to help read with great interest. There are lots of dramas to enjoy. Wonderful presentation of characters takes a reader to the depth."

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